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May I suggest Ask-EmilleeSeafoam ? Alright I'm self promoting it's just that I could really use some questions to develop my ocs. So please if you want to ask any type of questions to some adventure time ocs here is the place to go.
Hello everyone this is your founder here letting you know about a great contest going on over at :icondeliciousdafood:

I apologize for not having our own contest here but this one as just as good.

All you have to do is make a design for an adventure time cake. Simple right?!Your design can be made into an actual cake and you could even win points for your design!!

For more details check out the contest journal itself here ----->…

First off i would like to apologize for not updating to often here. I am not able to get online as often as i'd like since my computer is broken. Enough of that back to the group.

We are three member away from 1000 members!!! THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!! SO here is what we will do to celebrate:

UPDATE: 1 more member!

~The 1,000 member will be featured here with a few of there deviations for a month!

~We will have a big contest with large point and drawing  prizes

Please leave your suggestions for contest below and if you would like to donate a prize let me know. Also I would like to have at least 2 extra judges besides me and my co-founder. I f you want to apply to be judge just write in the comments below and i will choose two people.


P.S. I promise to actually keep this contest going
Ok so im taking requests for what to draw.

But it can't be anything difficult or complicated!! Yea so please ask me what to draw!!
:new: Adoptables! Come check out or maybe even buy some! I exept :points: or an offer of real money with :iconpaypalplz: ^o^ ! No trades sorry :c here's the link ---> xadventuretime12x.deviantart.c…

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